Your Complete-Service Technology Experts

Have infrastructure questions? Thinking about adding new hardware or software to your network? Need to streamline your business processes? DynamicIT has you covered. We have had continuous success helping clients increase IT efficiency. Our seasoned consultants will work with you to analyze your needs, create a custom solution, and implement it within a quick time frame. Collaborating with you as a team, we will provide unparalleled business value to further your success.

Our Four-Point Approach

Our proven multifaceted method offers stability, security, and increased productivity to you and your Organization.
Our skilled IT professionals advise companies with simple or complex technology environments on how to increase efficiency and productivity. By implementing progressive solutions, we enable our partners to achieve superior results. Our consultation will prepare you to make the right choices at a cost that fits your budget.

• Specializing in dental, medical, legal, retail, and architectural environments
• Offering client education encompassing multiple aspects of computing and network security

Our responsive remote and onsite support services are based on a concrete investment in advanced IT toolsets and abundant experience. We provide rapid solutions that allow your company to sustain growth and simplify your technology experience.

• Workstations
• Servers
• Network devices
• Cloud Services
• Applications
• Printers
• Specialized equipment (dental, medical, etc)

Threats to your technology infrastructure come from various sources, from employees unwittingly downloading malicious software to external attacks. We can remain vigilant about what enters and leaves your network by implementing firewalls, anti-malware, and security updates. We also prepare clients for HIPAA and PCI compliancy and conduct workshops on safe computing practices.

• Malware protection
• Preparation for HIPAA, PCI and other compliancy standards
• Update management
• Spam filtration
• Firewall implementation

Our monitoring and maintenance plan continuously evaluates the health of your network and notifies us in advance of many potential issues. With this capability, we can proactively implement solutions before issues become catastrophic, thus saving your company from experiencing extended downtime.

Our contingency plan ensures our partner’s workflow continuity while protecting their valuable data. We offer on-premise and off-premise continuous backup that enables quick infrastructure restoration should a catastrophic event such as fire, vandalism, theft, equipment failure, or software corruption occur. Replacement hardware can be quickly deployed or lent to minimize downtime.